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This section of the site is aimed at Primary Teachers and includes lessons, Interactive Whiteboard files, lists and display materials that I have created to use within school.

Please note that I work in an infant school, so initially the majority of resources are for KS1 lessons, however I do intend to increase the range as and when I can. My plan is to add resources as I create them for school and then to create other resources that there seems to be a demand for. So please get in touch if there is anything you would like to see, or if you see any glaring mistakes!

The tabs above will take you to the various subjects within this section of the site

Phonics Word Lists

Word Lists

These word lists for phonics lessons are split into decodable words and non-decodable words, assuming that phonemes are taught in the order suggested by Letters and Sounds, (s a t p i n m…). There are also complete lists of the high frequency words and all the tricky words (common exception words).

I have spent way too long trying to think of words that can be used in phonics lessons, my desk is littered with post it notes of lists of decodable and non-decodable words, so I thought it might be an idea to pop those lists on here to hopefully save other teachers some time. The lists are in no way exhaustive, but they are a good start for any lesson.

Click here to view the word lists.

Display Materials

These display materials will hopefully brighten up any Phonics Display. You are free to download and print them for use in school, just please keep the logo on them.

Tricky Words Display Cards

Daily Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

IWB Lessons

Following the Letters and Sounds scheme these daily phonics lessons were created for a group of Year One children who needed to recap the phonemes taught in Reception. Therefore Phase Two was a recap for them, and as such moves at a faster rate. They struggled with new sounds so Phase Three and Five are taught at a slower rate to normal. By following these IWB lessons you should be able to take a group of lower achievers  through to the point that they will be ready for the Phonics Screening Test.

Daily Phonics Lessons

Each lesson includes recall, and where appropriate, listening to words to sort them according to sound, blending, segmenting and the introduction of tricky words. HFW are incorporated in a quick write section later on.

Click here to view the lessons with notes.

This section of the site is brand new and starting to grow, please bear with me…


Use the links below to find relevant resources:

Place Value

Primary Classroom Display Resources

Tricky CEW words for phonics displaysClick the button below to visit the free classroom display materials section of the site that will include banners for class displays, name labels, posters.

Free primary classroom display resources
Mr Brock’s Blog

In the Blog section of this website I will be sharing my views and opinions, especially relating to the use of technology in school as that is my area of expertise. Also there is a section for those amusing sound-bites that children provide that keep a big grin on the faces of Primary Teachers everywhere!

As you can imagine I am pretty interested in technology in general, not all of it is education related, so I also have a website where I review gadgets and discuss technology.

There will be plenty more resources for other subject areas coming soon, but I am trying to make sure that at least one section of the site is populated before I start adding others.

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