About Mr Brock's Site

Children, find out about this site and Mr Brock and his firends.

Mr Brock

Hello, I’m Mr Brock.

I work in an infant school, and with Junior school children too. I have made this website so that you can practise some of the things you learn in school.

There are videos, games and lots of activities.

Hello Mr Brock

Using this homework site.

I have tried to make this site as easy as I can for children to use. Next to most pieces of writing you will see a little purple button, click on the triangle and I will tell you what the writing says.

There are big colourful buttons on the site to take you to new pages, and at the top of most activity pages you will see a menu with coloured squares that will take you back to the pages you looked at before.

There are also lots of pages for grown ups so they can help you or find out about the activities. If you get to a page for adults just click the big red button that says “Children go back”.

I hope you have lots of fun, please tell your friends about my site.

If you want to help your grown ups you can tell them that on most activity pages their is a button for them to press, also there are teacher and adult buttons at the very bottom of every page.

Child Navigation

This is Callum and Emily.

You will see them on the site all over the place, they are here to help. Just like lots of you they find some of the things they learn at school a bit tricky. So they like using Mr Brock’s Homework site to help them practise. Callum really likes the phonics videos, Emily prefers to do the writing activities.

Both of them love to show their family and teachers some of their finished work and are very proud that they have done it on their own.

Introduce Callum and Emily

Callum & Emily like Mr Brock's homework
Mrs Button loves Phonics too

Finally I’m pleased to introduce my sister, Mrs Button, who is also a teacher. Mrs Button has helped me make lots of the videos, and you will see her in some of the videos too.

She is a lovely lady and an excellent teacher, so please be nice to her, and do as she asks.

Introduce Mrs Button