Welcome to my site, I’m Mr Brock, I currently work in an Infant school and also work with Junior school children in after-school clubs and tuition sessions.

This site will show everything I create, I have tried to make the site as child friendly as possible. The “child” side of the site uses mainly graphical links, and most text is backed up with “play” button that will read the text to the child. Child pages have no adverts, links to social media or comments from the public. If you notice any mistakes please let me know.

There is a link on most pages that will take grown-ups to a more detailed description of the activity, with ways the child can be supported. All “Adult” pages will have a big red button (like the one up the top there) on it that will take children back to the last page viewed.

Please also remember that I get paid nothing for creating this site, all resources are created in my own time, and this site costs money to maintain, so please be reserved in your criticism,  if you like the site leave a review at the bottom of the page. If you don’t like the site, move on, or let me know.

For specific advice on the activities shown to children on this site click the “Adults Click Here” button on the relevant page where I give detailed advice on that particular task.

If you (parents and carers) need help understanding Phonics, then take a look at my Crash Course on Phonics.

Download and print our tricky word cards, display them around the house or use them in games. Keep practising recognition of these words that the children cannot yet work out from the sounds they know.

Tricky Word Cards

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